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Tow Behind Magnetic Sweepers Ideal for Landfill & Aggregate Processing Facilities

American made Shields Tow Behind Magnetic Sweepers are the ideal product for use in landfills, aggregate processing facilities and waste management areas.  The extreme conditions of landfill environments makes the MKS 5000 Tow Behind Magnetic Sweeper the ideal choice.  With no exposed parts to damage and a state-of-the art load release system.  This    tow behind magnetic […]

Boating Magnets Perfect for Retrieving Lost Keys Underwater!

Shields Company’s Underwater Retrieving Magnets are the ideal tool for quickly and effectively finding and retrieving keys, rings and weapons which end up overboard.  The compact Underwater Retrieving Magnet can easily be tossed overboard and pulled along the depths of the lake or river to find lost items.  Also knows as boating magnets, the Underwater Retrieving Magnet […]

DAGS Magnetic Fork Covers

Shields Company Magnetics has just been named as authorized agent for Cascade Corporation’s new line of DAGS Magnetic Fork Covers.   These versatile, slip-resistant magnetic fork covers are ideal for handling a wide variety of loads in any industrial setting where forklifts are used to lift products which could either be damaged from contact with the […]

What Sets Our Lifting Magnets Apart

When purchasing lifting magnets , buyers are inundated with choices, most of which are imports and sold at steep discounts on wholesale sites, big box sites and industrial distributors.   Most of these lifting magnets are poorly made, unsafe and utilize inexpensive, shoddy construction materials.  In fact, there are many lifting magnets being sold which use […]

Magnetic Sweeper: With or Without Load Release?

Many times people wonder weather or not to buy a magnetic sweeper with the load release feature.  Is it really needed?  That question is really user specific.  As far as cleaning a magnetic sweeper, it’s not terribly difficult.  A magnetic sweeper without a load release feature will have approximately 1″ of “dead” space on each end.  When […]

Can a Magnetic Sweeper Ship by Air?

We get calls daily from customers asking if it’s possible to ship a magnetic sweeper by air. Many people and companies believe it is not allowable to ship a magnetic sweeper by air and this is actually not the case.  It is legal and possible to ship a magnetic sweeper via air simply by “deadening” the magnet […]

The Simple Reason Shields Plate Magnets are Better

Our plate magnets are constructed of all-welded construction, housing the most up-to-date ceramic material, Ceramic 8, forming a magnetic circuit, with properties making our plate magnets better able to accept a magnetic charge, being much less brittle than previous grades of ceramic – some still used by other suppliers – and carrying a Limited Lifetime Guarantee against […]

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Industrial Magnets

Industrial magnets come in many forms.   Fifty years ago, the most widely used material to construct industrial magnets was ferrite.  The problem with ferrite is that it is very brittle and shatters easily.  Engineers subsequently began using a combination of aluminum and nickel.  Most recently, rare earth magnets have become quite popular and common for […]

Underwater Magnets Aid Law Enforcement

We get frequent calls from law enforcement authorities around the country wondering if magnets will aid in finding guns underwater.  While this may seem like a strange question, the reality is that criminals dispose of guns in lakes, rivers and streams more than anywhere else.   Underwater magnets are one of the most effective ways of finding […]

Belt Magnets-Tri Polar Circuitry

Tri-Polar Magnetic Circuitry is a new and revolutionary technology on the magnet scene. It is the ultimate in Permanent Magnet technology.  This system was developed using a very rare and costly 13 Ton Magnetizer, one of only three in the world.  It is exclusively available on most of our belt magnets and stationary magnets.  Specifically, it […]