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Magnetic Nail Sweep



The Shields Company Nail Sweep Construction Magnet is a compact, light-weight economically priced hand-held magnetic sweeper. The easy-to-use Nail Sweep easily snaps up nails or other metallic debris from almost any type of worksite including grass, gravel and concrete. The aluminum shell houses powerful magnetic blocks that attract nails and steel debris from 2″ below the base.


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The Nail Sweep Construction Magnet is available with or without a load-release feature* (Designated by the letters “LR”). The load release allows for easy debris removal.

  • Light-weight — Easy to carry
  • Transports and stores easily
  • 1-1/4″ sq. aluminum housing
  • Picks up several dozen nails each time you sweep!
  • Lifetime Guarantee!


Product Applications:

  • Handyman & Handywomen
  • Homeowners
  • Roofers
  • Repair Shops
  • Anywhere small metal is a problem!
Nail Sweep Specifications
Model Magnet Width Handle Lifting Capacity Weight
NS-11LR* 11″ 31″ 20 lbs** 4 lbs
NS-20LR* 20″ 31″ 30 lbs** 6 lbs
NS-18 18″ 31″ 20 lbs** 4 lbs
NS-24 24″ 31″ 30 lbs** 6 lbs

* ‘LR’ indicates ‘Load Release’
** Lifting power is measured using a solid steel bar.

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