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For the Air Force, Army, Navy, and Marine Corps

Products ideal for use on flightlines, runways, decks, and airfields include Type ALT Magnetic Sweeper, Type A.R. Auto-Release Magnetic Sweeper, MSM Multi-Surface Magnetic Broom, MKS4000 and MKS5000 Tow-Behind Magnetic Sweepers.

Protect your personnel and equipment from hazardous F.O.D.

Our GSA-approved line of F.O.D.-control sweepers can reduce incidents by over 75%, protecting personnel from potential injury and helping to save costly engine damage, flat tires, and ground equipment repairs caused by foreign object debris! The Type ALT & A.R Towable Magnetic Sweepers are designed for use with bag tugs, belt loaders and all types of support vehicles; the MKS4000/MKS5000 attach to Flightliner Vehicles while the MSM Multi-Surface Broom is great for smaller areas in need of a quick “FOD Walk”. All products abide under Schedule GS-06F0046N as pertains on our portal – making it easier than ever before to take control today!

Type ALT Magnetic Sweeper and A.R. Auto Release Magnetic Sweepers

  • Suspension-mount magnetic sweepers
  • Attaches quickly and easily; mounts on bag tugs and belt loaders
  • Type A.R. has auto-release feature for easy debris removal
  • Available in 24”, 36”, 48” 60”, 72” and 84” sizes
  • Mounting hardware included – ready to mount!

MKS4000 Tow-Behind Airfield Sweeper

  • Originally developed for the U.S. Air Force; meets and exceeds MIL Spec S-29174B
  • Fastest way to clean large areas quickly
  • Patented debris release system and waste pans
  • Semi-pneumatic tires and extreme durability
  • Several hitch options available

MKS5000 Tow-Behind Airfield Sweeper

  • The ultimate magnetic sweeper for cleaning rough, uneven areas
  • Ideal for gravel, broken terrain, dirt, rough terrain
  • Patented internal release system; gas/hydraulic release handle
  • Meets and exceeds MIL Spec S-29174B
  • Adjustable ground clearance/suspension height

MSM Multi-Surface Magnetic Broom/Sweeper

  • Push-style magnetic brooms
  • Load-release feature for easy debris removal
  • Adjustable wheel height
  • Removable handle for easy storage
  • Ideal for FOD walks and ship deck patrols

*Government: Tow-Behind Magnetic Road Sweeper is also available Under GSA Schedule 51V, Contract number is GS-06F-0046N