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Shields Magnetics is the original and earliest manufacturer of permanent magnetic sweepers. From our early success we have built a reputation as a leader in industrial magnetic equipment. We are a U.S. manufacturer and have designed and created the most innovative products on the market. We have created a LOT of imitators, domestic, Canadian and overseas; however our quality, customer service and attention to market data and market needs sets us apart. We educate and guide the buyer on their purchase and we know our products. We can ALWAYS recommend the right product for the application!

All Shields magnets are permanent magnets, meaning no power source is necessary.  Our products contain both Grade 8 Magnets and Rare Earth magnets.

This is a VERY misleading way to describe a magnet’s capability and unfortunately used all to often to embellish the potential of the magnet. Technically, magnets are measured in “Gauss” strength which is a scientific way of measuring, using a gauss meter, the strength at the surface and at various distances away from the magnet. It is the only accurate and correct way to determine magnetic strength. The question of lifting power on flat steel plates at various distances is only possible in controlled environments, a situation which is certainly not replicated when in actual use. All applications vary, it is best to describe your application to us so we can make the proper suggestion on which magnet will work best.
Yes, we have dealers in nearly every industry we serve, throughout the United States, Canada and abroad. If you are looking for a dealer in your area, please call and we will gladly direct you.
Yes, we ship by air all over the world and package the magnets with specific “deadening” material to enable the process.

We have several payment options:

  1. NET 30 or Purchase Order (the most common)
  2. Credit Card
  3. Bank Wire
  4. C.O.D.
Most items are in-stock. However, if not in stock, most items usually require a one- or two-day lead time. Rush orders can generally be accommodated — contact us for more information.
We offer a lifetime guarantee on magnetic strength, a product performance guarantee, and a one-year unconditional warranty on materials and workmanship.