Magnetic Sweepers For Forklifts & Material Handing

One of the more popular uses of magnetic sweepers is within the material handling industry.  Forklift users typically mount magnetic sweepers on the forks of the forklift or underneath the forklift enabling the magnet to pick up damaging ferrous metal on demand.


Mounting of the magnetic sweepers can be done via “fork pockets” which are quite simply small pockets mounted on top of the magnet by which the forks slip through.  A simple turn of the wing-unt secures the magnet to the forks. The other mounting is via the attached suspension eyebolts. Simply hang the unit with two strands of  chain (which are included) and two “S” Hooks either from the rear of the forklift or underneath the counterweight. This is one of the most efficient methods of keeping a warehouse floor/distribution centers or loading dock free of damaging ferrous metal trash.  Models available with and without Load Release feature for easy cleaning.


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