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Type CM-1 Conveyor Magnet with Auto Release


The Type CM-1 Conveyor Magnet is a versatile, portable and extremely effective way to remove random ferrous metal during product processing. Ideal and economical “insurance policy” for light to medium volume industrial flow.

  • 3″-4” Reach Depth with Uniform Attraction Force
  • Quickly Remove Nails, Mesh, Staples, Small Re-bar and Random Metal Fragments.
  • Stainless Steel Housing Eliminates Side Magnetization
  • EZ-Release Feature-Simply Drop Down Release Plate to Clear all Accumulated Metal !
  • Compact, Portable Design Makes it Ideal for All Applications
  • Food Grade Housing and All Weather Durability
  • Lifetime Guarantee on Magnetic Strength

Conveyor Magnet Product Applications

  • Aggregate Processing
  • Food Processing
  • Sand & Gravel Quarries
  • Recycling
  • Tire Shredding
Length Tube Size Overall Width Overall Height Estimate of Shipping Weight
18″ 3x5x18 7.5″ 6″ 40 lbs.
24″ 3x5x24 7.5″ 6″ 50 lbs.
30″ 3x5x30 7.5″ 6″ 60 lbs.
36″ 3x5x36 7.5″ 6″ 72 lbs.
48″ 3x5x48 7.5″ 6″ 95 lbs.

Made in USA

Shields Magnetics is one of only a handful of U.S. suppliers of industrial magnets.


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