Magnetic Sweepers For Trucking & Transportation

Magnetic sweepers are mounted on “switchers” or “yard jockeys”. These are the service vehicles which routinely move tractor trailers around the terminal area, from dock-dock and from cab-cab. Magnetic Sweepers are mounted underneath the vehicle and routinely pick up the dangerous steel trash from the loading dock area, terminal and thru-ways.

7 Largest Benefits of Using Magnetic Sweepers at Trucking Terminals and Other Transportation Businesses

Improved safety

Magnetic sweepers help reduce the potential risk of accidents caused by stray debris in the workplace. By removing dangerous items like nails, screws and wires, they reduce the risk of tires becoming punctured, body panels being damaged, or workers being injured.

Reduced downtime

Magnetic sweepers help ensure that trucks can continue to operate in a timely manner as debris does not need to be manually cleared away before they can drive. This means that repairs and maintenance are less likely to be needed on vehicles and any that do take place will take less time. 

Improved efficiency

By ensuring that trucks stay clean and clear of small debris, magnetic sweepers make it easier and faster for drivers to complete their route with fewer stops than they would need to if the vehicles were full of small items. 

Cost savings

Magnetic sweepers allow trucking terminals and businesses to reduce the amount of time spent on manual labor that would have otherwise been used by maintenance and sweeping crews in order to clean the workplace. This can lead to cost savings that can then be passed onto customers or invested in other areas. 

Extended equipment life

Magnetic sweepers help ensure that small debris does not build up on tires and other parts of trucks, which can lead to premature wear-and-tear. This helps extend the life of a fleet’s vehicles, saving money on future replacement costs. 

Promote cleanliness

Magnetic sweepers help ensure that truck terminals and transportation businesses remain clean, as small items are less likely to be traipsed inside, minimizing clutter and keeping the workplace neat. 


As magnetic sweepers use no electricity, and work quietly and with less pollution, they are an eco-friendly solution to keeping work areas clean and safe. This can help businesses meet their sustainability goals and guidelines. 

Using magnetic sweepers in trucking terminals and transportation businesses can be an excellent way to improve safety and efficiency, while also saving on costs, promoting cleanliness and supporting the environment.


Put an end to time-consuming steel banding and prevent dangerous workplace injuries with magnetic sweepers designed for the transportation industry–all while saving on downtime and flat tires when trucks are out on the road. Get all the details today!

Did you know?

Driving down the highway, a breakdown can be costly. Between replacing tires that average $750 each and losing over “$5000 an hour” in lost time, vehicle maintenance is essential for keeping businesses on track. But magnetic sweepers offer more than just safety; they also provide liability insurance savings – making them crucial to avoiding hefty out-of-pocket expenses!