Pull Behind Magnetic Sweeper with Load Release

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  • Tow Behind Magnetic Sweeper

Load-Release “3-in-1” Tow Behind Magnet




The “3-in-1” Magnetic Sweeper can be used in the following ways:

  • Tow it!
  • Mount on a Forklift!
  • Hang from a Vehicle!

Available in sizes listed in drop-down menu below. For 96″ size, call for pricing.

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Primarily for vehicle towing, the Load-Release Tow-Behind magnetic sweeper functions over any terrain, in any weather condition.  Sealed-Bearing, Solid Rubber wheels will never puncture!

  • Towable magnet can be towed from a variety of vehicles
  • Internal load release feature for easy cleaning
  • No exposed parts or cleaning trays to damage!
  • Tow-behind magnetic sweepers remove metal debris from concrete grooves
  • Construction is heavy gauge steel and aircraft-grade aluminum housing
  • Sweeper removes hazardous metal debris from Trucking Terminals, Airport Terminals, Airport Runways, Disposal Areas, Construction Sites, Plant Areas, etc.
  • Removeable handle for suspension mounting
  • 3″ ground clearance, heavy-duty, highest strength, all-weather permanent Grade-8 magnetic construction
  • Hanging magnetic sweepers gather FOD while you drive around your work area!
  • Available in 36″/914mm, 48″/1219mm, 60″/1524mm, 72″/1829mm, 84″/2134mm and 96″/2438mm sizes
  • Unconditional product performance guarantee


Product Applications

  • Construction Sites
  • Ready-Mix Facilities
  • Waste Management Facilities & Landfills
  • Airports & Runways
  • Equine & Dressage Facilities
  • Salvage Yards
  • Parks & Recreation Facilities
  • Recycling Centers
Tow Behind Specifications
Surface AreaLifting
Ship Wt.
T-4848″55″192 sq. in.250 lbs.*72 lbs.
T-6060″67″240 sq. in.300 lbs.*82 lbs.
T-7272″79″288 sq. in.350 lbs.*92 lbs.
T-8484″91″326 sq. in.400 lbs.*105 lbs.
T-9696″103″364 sq. in.450 lbs.*112 lbs.
Click the button below to convert inches to mm:
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Tube size 4″ x 5″ • Tow bar length = 46″ • Operating speed = 3-8 mph, depending on surface
* Lifting power is measured using a solid steel bar.


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