Magnetic Sweepers For Airlines, Airports, & Flightlines

The products most used in terminal areas, flight lines, tarmacs, and runways are the Type ALT Magnetic Sweeper, Type A.R. Auto-Release Magnetic Sweeper and MKS4000 and MKS5000 Tow-Behind Magnetic Sweepers.

The U.S Military could save millions of dollars annually by preventing Foreign Object Debris (FOD) incidents with FOD magnets! This safe, cost effective solution can reach into nooks and crannies to remove pesky metal objects that other removal equipment may miss – plus, there’s no risk of injury to personnel or costly repairs from engine damage and ground equipment malfunctions. Investing in the most advanced FOD magnetic technology is an insurance policy for a safer and more secure future for all our service members!

Type ALT Magnetic Sweeper and A.R. Auto-Release Magnetic Sweepers

The Type ALT Magnetic Sweeper and A.R. Auto-Release Magnetic Sweepers attach to bag tugs, belt loaders and all types of ground support equipment.  For runways and flightlines, the MKS4000 and MKS5000 Tow-Behind Magnetic Sweepers attach to the trailer hitch of flightline vehicles.

  • Attach quickly and easily; mounts on front of bag tugs and belt loaders
  • Type A.R. has Auto Release Feature For Easy Debris Removal
  • Available in 24”, 36”, 48” 60”, 72” and 84” sizes
  • Mounting Hardware Included-Ready to Mount!

MKS4000 Airfield / Runway Tow-Behind Magnetic Sweeper

  • Tow Behind F.O.D. Magnets originally developed for the U.S. Air Force, the MKS4000 meets and exceeds MIL Spec S-29174B
  • The fastest way to clean large areas quickly
  • Patented debris release system and waste pans
  • Semi-pneumatic tires and extreme durability
  • Several hitch options available

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What magnetic sweepers work best for cleaning airport runways and flightlines?

    A. We recommend either a tow-behind style magnet like our MKS4000 designed specifically for airfields. Many of our other products — the Type ALT or A.R. Auto-Release — can be bumper-mounted on bag tugs, belt loaders and other ground support equipment.

  • Why should airports invest in magnetic sweeping equipment?

    A. Foreign Object Debris (FOD) is a risk to air travel safety and keeping airport operations running on-time. FOD has the potential to damage aircraft, leading to untimely maintenance and operational costs. According to analysis by Boeing, FOD damage costs the aviation industry $4 billion USD annually! Magnetic sweepers are just a part of an insurance policy against FOD — other measures include equipment to pickup non-metal debris as well as FOD prevention mats designed to break loose damaging debris as vehicles drive over. The debris is captured in the base of the mats and later disposed of.

  • How fast can I drive and still effectively sweep?

    A. The MKS4000 has a 2” ground clearance and can effectively sweep at 13 miles per hour.

    Bumper-mounted sweeper magnets should be suspended 3- 4” above the ground. At that speed they can sweep effectively at 15 mph.  Keep in mind that the sweeping width of these units is less than our tow-behind styles, so it may take longer to sweep a larger area due to the smaller size of the magnet. 

  • How much maintenance do your airport magnetic sweepers require?

    A. Bumper-mounted magnetic sweepers are essentially maintenance free. The magnets themselves are housed in aircraft-grade aluminum and are extremely durable. 

    Tow behind magnets like the MKS units require very little maintenance. Bolts and fasteners should be periodically checked for tightness. These units feature a 4-ply rated trailer tire mounted on a steel trailer wheel. Additionally we offer a foam filled tire for additional flat resistance.

  • Are your FOD sweepers military approved?

    A. Yes! Our MKS4000 tow behind magnet meets USA Government military specifications under MIL-S-29174B.