Shields Company

Beginning in the early 1980’s as a manufacturer of magnetic sweepers, today we are the largest supplier of professional grade magnetic sweepers in the United States and one of the leading worldwide suppliers of industrial magnetic equipment.

Shields Magnetics’ continually expanding customer base spans a wide array of industries, from aviation to warehousing/distribution and everything in between. Our products support the “behind the scenes” operations of companies large and small.  Shields Magnetics supplies and distributes the following magnetic products:

Utilizing state-of-the-art technology and the most advanced materials available, Shields Magnetics designs and brings to market innovative, functional, and effective products. Our rapid turnaround times, superior product quality and focus on customer relationships are key reasons for the company’s growth and success.

Based in Phoenix, AZ and with strategic distribution points nationwide through our 2500+ dealer network,  Shields Magnetics has built an international reputation  as well as authorized agents in the U.A.E.,  Canada and Europe. Contact us for more information.