"The Magnum" In-Line Magnets

Inline Magnetic Separator for Pipes & Ductwork

“The Magnum” In-Line Magnets

The Magnum In-Line Magnet is an efficient, cost-effective magnet for extracting ferrous metal particles from free flowing granular products. Designed for installation in pipelines or ductwork, as material flows over the bullet-shaped magnetic, any ferrous particles are attracted to the highly magnetic surface and securely held in position.

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Designed for Quick and Easy Cleaning
By releasing the quick-action catches and opening the door, the bullet-shaped magnet swings clear and can then be wiped clean. The operation only takes a few seconds and the door can be closed and back in operation with a minimum of disruption to production.


  • Circular/Conical Core
  • Rare earth or ceramic magnetic assembly
  • Protected by non magnetic stainless steel rings
  • Heavy-Duty Stainless Steel trunking

Comprehensive installation, operation and maintenance manual supplied with each unit.

Inline Magnet Product Applications:

  • Powder Bulk Handling/Processing
  • Food Processing
  • Plastics Processing
  • Granulation Equipment
  • Wood Recycling
  • Forest Products
  • Particle Board Manufacturing
  • Flour Processing and Milling
  • Grain Processing
Operating Pressure Suitable for operating pressures up to 15 PSI.
Operating Principle Designed for installation in pipelines carrying grain or similar free flowing granular products. A cone on top of the magnet and deflectors on the inside of the casing ensure that the product has to impinge upon the body of the magnet where ferrous material will be retained.
Magnet System Computer designed, rare earth or ceramic magnet system interposed with high permeability steel poles, sized to produce the optimum magnetic field. The magnets are surrounded with stainless steel tubes to protect from damage and to reduce contamination. The cone on top of the magnet is constructed of mild steel.
Magnet Mounting Mounted on a support bracket attached to the pivoted door. When door is opened, magnet is exposed for cleaning.
Housing Constructed entirely from 300 series non-magnetic stainless steel. Flanges are provided at inlet and outlet for connection into clients’ pipework. The door is provided with seals and quick release toggle catches.
Standard Finish One coat of high performance Alkyd air drying gray primer and one coat of high performance Alkyd air drying enamel.

Typical throughputs for gravity-fed units
(based on 0.8 tonne/m3)

MM 100 7
MM 125 15
MM 150 25
MM 200 50
MM 250 75
MM 300 100
MM 400 150
MM 500 200

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