Power Mag Hand Held Retrieving Magnet


This handheld retrieving magnet is ideal for grabbing and moving small pieces of metal parts bins, tables and hard to reach places.


All About the PowerMag Retrieval Magnet

  • Power Mag lifting magnet reaches hard-to-get places.
  • Round canister permits rapid placement in loose materials.
  • Magnet lifts small parts effectively from bins, tables, floors.
  • Separates ferrous materials from non-ferrous.
  • Moves components into position and alignment.
  • Power Mag hand held magnet retrieves lost objects and cleans up scatter.
  • Magnetic cannister is aluminum, magnet face is stainless and handle is steel!

Three Models of PowerMag to Choose From

The PowerMag handheld lifting magnet weighs only 1-3/4 lbs. with a “pull” of sixteen lbs! Its big brother, the PowerMag XL handheld lifting magnet, weighs slightly more at 3 lbs. and has a “pull” of 25 lbs! Great for use in tool cribs, parts bins, or for quick pick-up of any small, metallic pieces or parts.

The PowerMag Deluxe retrieving magnet extended-reach lifting magnet makes it easier to pick up nails, fasteners and other magnetic debris without bending over!  With a 36″ Handle,  simply pull on the handle to release the load. The round canister is ideal for lifting small parts from bins, deep containers and scales. Once used, this compact lifting/retrieving magnet is classified as indispensable! Weighing only 2-1/2 lbs., it is truly a giant in performance, with a “pull” of sixteen pounds!



  • Fastener & Stamping Plants
  • Hardware Distributors
  • Tool Cribs
  • Handyman

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Made in USA

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