Power Mag Hand Held Retrieving Magnet

Handheld Lifting Magnet for Hard to Reach Places


Power Mag Hand Held Retrieving Magnet

These amazing Power Mag hand-held lifting magnets is ideal for reaching hard-to-get places. The magnet’s round canisters are ideal for lifting small parts from bins, deep containers and scales. Once used, these compact, east-to-use lifting magnets are classified as indispensable!  The ideal magnetic pick-up tool!

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  • Power Mag Lifting Magnet Reaches hard-to-get places.
  • Round canister permits rapid placement in loose materials.
  • Magnet lifts small parts effectively from bins, tables, floors.
  • Separates ferrous materials from non-ferrous.
  • Moves components into position and alignment.
  • Power Mag hand held magnet Retrieves lost objects. Cleans up scatter.
  • Magnetic cannister is aluminum, magnet face is stainless and handle is steel !


The PowerMag handheld lifting magnet weighs only 1-3/4 lbs. with a “pull” of sixteen lbs! Its big brother, the PowerMag XL handheld lifting magnet, weighs slightly more at 3 lbs. and has a “pull” of 25 lbs! Great for use in tool cribs, parts bins, or for quick pick-up of any small, metallic pieces or parts.

The PowerMag Deluxe retrieving magnet extended-reach lifting magnet makes it easier to pick up nails, fasteners and other magnetic debris without bending over!  With a 36″ Handle,  simply pull on the handle to release the load. The round canister is ideal for lifting small parts from bins, deep containers and scales. Once used, this compact lifting/retrieving magnet is classified as indispensable! Weighing only 2-1/2 lbs., it is truly a giant in performance, with a “pull” of sixteen pounds!



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PowerMag Handheld Lifting Magnet Applications

  • Fastener & Stamping Plants
  • Hardware Distributors
  • Tool Cribs
  • Handyman

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