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Industrial Strength Lifting Magnets

Improve your companies’ ability to complete jobs with ease while avoiding costly damages or injuries with a Shields Magnetics lifting magnet. We offer a wide array of lifting magnets for use in many industries and applications:

Steel Foundries

Rated for loads up to 4,400-pounds, our Model SLM EZ Lift  lifting magnets are ideal for moving plate, block or round steel safely and easily.  Made using Rare Earth Neodynium Magnets, these units are the ideal solution for machined parts, press molds and other uses around the foundry. The Model SLM Lifting Magnets eliminate the need for dangerous straps and slings that can slip or break.


Use our powerful Shields Lifting Magnets to quickly remove both smooth and grid manhole covers, as well as reposition sewer covers and other street coverings. They also allow workers to easily lift plate steel during street resurfacings or other road work.

Plating Tanks and Tank Magnets

Our Big Dipper & Little Dipper Tank  Magnets are perfect for moving objects quickly; they pick up large amounts of screws, nuts and bolts quickly and effortlessly. Strong and efficient, these powerful magnets boast a sturdy steel frame and acid-proof coating.

Underwater Recovery Made Easy with Lifting Magnets

Our magnets can even assist with underwater salvage, marine studies, and law enforcements with our waterproof and corrosion-resistant retrieving magnets. Also known as a boat, dock, or pier magnet, our Original Underwater Retrieving Magnet is perfect for recovering keys, weapons, or tools. Small, lightweight, and extremely powerful, these magnets are easy to use and store.

Shield Magnetics manufactures all of our products in the United States and only use Grade 8 magnets. To learn more about any of our American-made products, pricing, specifications, or applications, call us at 800-799-4408 or fill out our contact form today.