Magnets for Warehousing & Distribution

The Type ALT Magnetic SweeperType A.R. Auto-Release Magnetic Sweeper, and the Load-Release Tow-Behind Magnetic Sweeper are most commonly chosen sweeper magnets for warehouses, loading docks, traffic yards, or service areas.

  • Remove Damaging Ferrous Metal from Loading Areas/Service Yards
  • Eliminate Driver/Schedule Downtime  due to Flat Tires
  • Reduce Flat Tire Expense by 75%

The Type ALT and Type A.R. mount quickly and easily to yard jockeys, spotters and forklifts. The Tow-Behind is suited to towing behind all types of yard vehicles.

Type ALT Magnetic Sweeper, a suspension-mount magnetic sweeper

  • Available in the following lengths: 24″, 36″, 48″, 60″, 72″, 84″, 96″
  • Ideal for preventive maintenance of yard vehicles & service equipment
  • Highest strength permanent magnetic construction encased in aircraft-grade 2″ x 5″ sealed aluminum extrusion
  • We use only Grade 8 permanent magnets, the strongest available, not the inferior Grade 5
  • Bottom-mounted wear-bars for maximum magnet protection
  • Double-strength units available
  • All-weather rugged design
  • Government Teaming Arrangement with Premier Companies through GSA Contract # GS-21F-0035T
  • Unconditional performance guarantee and lifetime guarantee on magnetic strength
  • Also available with shock-protection wheels
  • Applications include: Airports & Flightlines FOD Control, Material Handling, Warehouse & Distribution Centers, Trucking Terminals,Commercial Street Sweeping, Road & Parking Lot Maintenance, Race Tracks, Pallet Manufacturing, Construction Companies

Type A.R. (Auto-Release) Magnetic Sweeper, a suspension-mount magnetic sweeper with load release

  • Designed for use on smooth pavement and even surfaces
  • Up to 3″ suspension height
  • Easy operation, maintenance-free, great performance
  • Lifetime guarantee on magnetic strength
  • Available in the following lengths: 24″, 36″, 48″, 60″ and 72″
  • Applications include: Road Maintenance, Airport Flightlines & FOD Control, Warehouse & Distribution Centers, Manufacturing Plants

The “3 In One” All-Terrain Load-Release Tow-Behind Magnetic Sweeper

  • For more Expansive Areas.
  • Load Release Feature for Easy Debris Removal
  • Grade 8 Permanent Magnets
  • Lightweight/Aircraft Grade Aluminum Extrusion Housing
  • Equipped with Fork Pockets and Eyebolts for Quick Changeover to Vehicle Mounting!
  • Applications include: Waste Management Facilities, Construction Sites, Demolition Sites

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Magnetic Sweeper at Loading Dock

Magnetic Sweepers in a Warehouse

Magnetic Sweeper on Forklift