Magnets in Construction Sites and Landfills

Construction sites and landfills are LOADED with metal trash.  


To cover larger areas, suspension mounted sweepers are one of the best cures/solution for this problem.  Units can be mounted on service vehicles, work trucks, pick-up trucks etc… The Tow Behind Magnetic Sweeper is idea for  covering large areas and simply hooking up to the ball hitch of a truck. For smaller areas, there are push-style units which can be easily rolled around a construction site to pick-up nails after a job is completed.   These push-style units can be transported from job to job and are light enough to toss in the back of a truck after each use.


  • Keeps sites free of damaging metal trash
  • Prevents flat tires when vehicles are off site and travelling
  • Multiple usage possibilites

Did you know?

  • Steel takes up to 100 years to fully degrade in a landfill
  • About 70% of all metal is used once, then thrown away
  • The United States discards enough iron and steel to continuously supply all of the nation’s automakers
  • 630 steel cans are recycled every second in the U.S.

MSM Multi-Surface Magnetic Broom/Sweeper

  • Push-style magnetic broom
  • Load-release feature for easy debris removal
  • Adjustable wheel height
  • Removable handle for easy storage
  • Optional rake attachment available for use in grassy areas

Magnetic Nail Sweep

  • Lightweight, easy to carry
  • Picks up hundreds of nails per sweeping
  • Load-release feature for easy cleaning

“3 In One” All-Terrain, Load-Release, Tow-Behind Magnetic Sweeper

  • Great for more expansive areas
  • Load-release feature for easy debris removal
  • Grade 8 permanent magnets
  • Lightweight aircraft-grade aluminum extrusion housing
  • Equipped with fork pockets and eyebolts for quick changeover to vehicle mounting!

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Enforcer III Heavy Duty Forklift Magnet

Enforcer III

Heavy Duty Forklift Magnet

Load-Release All-Terrain Magnetic Sweeper

Load-Release All-Terrain Magnetic Sweeper

Vehicle Mounted Sweeper Designed for Any Terrain

Load-Release “3-in-1” Tow Behind Magnet

Load-Release “3-in-1” Tow Behind Magnet

Tow, mount on forklift or hang from a vehicle!


The Terminator

Dual Purpose Magnetic Sweeper with Load Release


MKS 5000

Rough Terrain, All-Surface, Tow Behind Magnetic Sweeper