Terminator Magnetic SweeperMany times people wonder weather or not to buy a magnetic sweeper with the load release feature.  Is it really needed?  That question is really user specific.  As far as cleaning a magnetic sweeper, it’s not terribly difficult.  A magnetic sweeper without a load release feature will have approximately 1″ of “dead” space on each end.  When the magnetic sweeper is loaded with accumulated metal, it’s very easy to simply wipe or “drag”  the accumulated metal to the end whereby it will become much easier to remove. A towel, gloved hand or shop rag will generally accomplish this purpose.

On the other hand, the magnetic sweeper WITH the release feature will minimize this and enable the user to quickly and effectively remove the accumulated metal without ever coming into contact with it.  If a user is picking up small ferrous metal, fines and nails, the load release feature is probably going to be preferred.  If a user is picking up tools, small plate and larger objects, the load release feature may not be as necessary.  From a cost perspective, expect to pay about 20% more for a magnetic sweeper with the release feature.

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