Type ALT Magnetic SweeperWith the increase in imported products flooding the United States, one product which has retained it’s leadership strength as a U.S. made item is the magnetic sweeper.

There are numerous Asian firms producing the magnetic sweeper however the quality is so sub-par that the consumer is now realizing it’s simply not worth the modest price difference to buy the imported magnetic sweeper.

Imported magnetic sweepers are simply not made with the high tech materials of their U.S. counterparts.  And now, with the cost of ocean shipping rising and commodity prices falling, a magnetic sweeper can be produced in the U.S. for about the same price as the import after factoring in transportation charges, customs and duty.

We invite all customers to put the U.S. made magnetic sweeper up against an import and immediately the consumer will see the difference.  The aluminum housing of the magnetic sweeper on the U.S. made item is aluminum which comes from U.S. plants and is the strongest, most advanced metal available.  The C-8 magnetic material in the U.S. made magnetic sweeper is also sourced from the U.S. as much as possible.  The import magnetic sweeper uses an inferior, weaker, C-5 magnet.  This is not visible in pictures however in a usage comparison, the U.S. made magnetic sweeper will outperform in all cases.

Be very wary when looking at a magnetic sweeper from any big box store or website which does not display the “Made in the USA” logo.  Inevitably it’s an import,  and that can be Asia, Canada or India, and quality will be compromised.  The simple fact is that the U.S. made magnetic sweeper is regaining a lot of market share after so many disillusioned buyers bought imports and now have to replace them.

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