EZLIFT MagnetWhen purchasing lifting magnets , buyers are inundated with choices, most of which are imports and sold at steep discounts on wholesale sites, big box sites and industrial distributors.   Most of these lifting magnets are poorly made, unsafe and utilize inexpensive, shoddy construction materials.  In fact, there are many lifting magnets being sold which use plastic handles!  Lifting 1000 lbs. of steel with a plastic handle is not the smartest idea in the world.  Our lifting magnets carry a 3.5 X Safety factor, the largest safety factor in the industry. Each lifting magnet comes with it’s own certificate of safety factor and where the threshold was reached.  Shields lifting magnets utilize all steel construction and steel handles with safety locks.

There are cheaper, less expensive lifting magnets available.  The question is, why put the safety of an employee at risk in order to save a few dollars on a cheap, inferior lifting magnet?

  • 3.5 X’s Safety factor (largest safety factor in the industry)
  • Smallest/lightest foot print of the magnet for each specific capacity
  • Each magnet comes with its own certificate of safety factor and where each magnet failed
  • All metal housing
  • Metal handle

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