ALT MagnetWe get calls daily from customers asking if it’s possible to ship a magnetic sweeper by air. Many people and companies believe it is not allowable to ship a magnetic sweeper by air and this is actually not the case.  It is legal and possible to ship a magnetic sweeper via air simply by “deadening” the magnet prior to packaging.  This is simply a method of affixing a steel plate to the bottom of the magnetic sweeper by literally attaching it magnetically.  Once this is done, the magnetic field is literally disabled until the steel plate is removed from the bottom of the magnetic sweeper.  Once ready for shipping, it is necessary to provide a document stating that the magnet does not exceed a certain gauss rating at a specified distance.

These figures are available from the FAA.  We provide this document with each magnetic sweeper we ship by air and we also provide this document to all of our dealers, customers and exporters who wish to ship magnetic sweepers via air to their final destination.  It’s a very simple procedure and enables any magnetic sweeper to be prepped for air shipping.

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