magnetic sweepers type altWe are constantly asked “What is the lifting power” of a magnetic sweeper.  Our response to this is two-fold.  ”Lifting power” of a magnetic sweeper is a very misleading term.  When measuring the strength of a magnetic sweeper in a controlled environment such as in a stand on a warehouse table, the magnetic sweeper will hold a 150 lb. flat plate.  When adjusting the height of the sweeper, it is possible to measure the distance to pick up various objects such as paper clips, tools, nails etc…

All of this changes the second a magnetic sweeper is installed on a service vehicle.  There are SO many variables in play eg: suspension height, traveling speed, type of terrain etc.. that it is almost impossible to tell a customer “the unit will pick up such and such”.  It is not an exact science when using a magnetic sweeper for it’s intended purpose.  What we do know, and this is from studies conducted by several air carriers using the product, is that there is a significant reduction in equipment damage incidents in relation to the number of magnetic sweepers in use.

A magnetic sweeper, when mounted by chain from a service vehicle and within 4″ of the ground, will pick up virtually all ferrous metal it goes over assuming a traveling speed not to exceed about 10 mph.  The smaller metal is actually harder to pick up as there is less service area.  The larger object such as a wrench, pliers or other tools, are very easy for a magnetic sweeper to pick up as there is more surface area to attract.  Shields Magnetics uses only the strongest Grade 8 permanent magnets so if there is any chance of picking up the metal, our magnetic sweepers will get it done.  That’s why we put a product performance guarantee on all products.

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