The damaging effect of F.O.D. (Foreign Object Debris) on maintenance costs is substantial. For example, the cost to repair a FOD-damaged engine will easily exceed one million dollars. FOD also causes extensive indirect costs including but not limited to:

  • Flight Delays and Cancellations, which Translates into Lost Revenue and Customers
  • Excess/Additional Work for Airline Management and Line Workers
  • Extreme Liability Due to Injury of Personnel
  • Damage and Repair Cost to Ground Equipment

The average purchase price of a jet engine will exceed (5) five million dollars. A total overhaul of a FOD damaged engine will run between $500,000-2 million dollars. A set of fan blades (titanium) will cost approximately $20,00.00.

FOD Magnets are a cost effective, simple solution to the FOD problem. The cost to outfit an entire flightline or series of tugs with FOD magnets will be realized 20 times over if only one jet engine is saved from FOD damage. FOD magnets cost an average of $300.00 each. Assume an initial outlay of $20,000.00 to equip a fleet of tugs or flightline vehicles. Imagine the savings on a million dollar jet engine from the use of these magnets. Now consider the savings if magnets are used systemwide, the cost benefits are obvious.

FOD magnets require no power or maintenance and absolutely no vehicle or equipment retro-fitting/reconfiguring, simply attach with chains (provided) and let the magnetic sweepers do their job.