Magnets for Aggregate & Materials Processing

Large stone and sand and gravel operations exist near most cities. Stone manufacturers depend on a variety of heavy equipment including earth-movers, belt conveyors, and machines designed for crushing and separating various sizes of aggregate based on application.

Other aggregate facilities process reclaimed stone and concrete as recycled aggregate preventing useful materials from ending up in a landfill and instead they are used in the construction of buildings and roads. These processing plants rely on overhead magnetic separators to help remove steel rebar and other metal from concrete.

Aggregate is a Valuable Commodity

According to the USGS, in 2006, crushed stone was 1.72 tons value at nearly $14 billion dollars.  Most of the U.S. aggregate (30%) is used for non-residential buildings, followed by highways (25%) and housing (25%). Additionally, 2.9 million tons of Portland cement worth $21.9 million was recycled, and 1.6 million tons of asphalt concrete worth $11.8 million was recycled; both by crushed stone operations. More of both materials are recycled by construction and demolition firms that were not part of the USGS survey. That is a lot of rock!

Now, think about the value of material your facility can crush in a single hour of operation. Now consider what it costs you in terms of lost time when a crusher has to be taken offline because it or a conveyor has been damaged by a piece of ferrous metal.

After the crushing machine, an overhead separator magnet might be the most valuable piece of equipment at an aggregate processing plant. Overhead separators help ensure that the crushing equipment and conveyors run continuously without stoppage, helping your processing facility avoid costly repairs and hours of lost production.

Overhead Separator Magnets Guarantee That Aggregate Keeps Moving

Our permanent suspension magnets are designed specifically to remove large pieces of tramp iron from the material destined for the crusher. Our separators have a working gap ranging from 1”-18”, with over 30 sizes available, thus we have a model and size for every application.

Our overhead separator magnets routinely operate for over 10,000 hours with zero maintenance!

What makes this possible? Exclusive to the industry, Shields Tri-Polar Magnetic Circuitry virtually eliminates peripheral magnetic leakage and directs the magnetic field straight down, thus creating a stronger magnet. These magnets have a lifetime guarantee on magnetic strength.

These magnets are 30% stronger than magnets of equal size, and also more powerful to many sizes of electromagnets. As a result, our overhead separators are capable of removing more metal than competitors’ separators and can be used reliably in more extreme conditions.  The end result is that virtually all metal is removed from the material flow preventing damage to other equipment involved in the process, improving uptime, and maximizing output.

Use our handy overhead separator criteria form to help us determine the size of your overhead separator. 

Use our handy overhead separator criteria form to help us determine the size of your overhead separator.