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Another New and Unusual Application for a Magnetic Sweeper

Shields Company recently received a magnetic sweeper inquiry, which resulted in an order, from a company seeking to retrieve “BBs”. While this may not seem odd at first, it’s the nature of the BB use that is unusual.

When our customer service rep inquired as to the nature of the use, the customer explained that […]

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Magnetic Sweeper Usage vs. Equipment/Engine Incidents

US Air Force FOD Improvements

As seen on the chart , using data compiled by the United States Air Force, incidents from “FOD” or “Foreign Object Debris” inversely decline nearly 1000% when using magnetic sweepers along flightlines and aircraft traffic areas. This chart shows the ratio of FOD incidents per 100k flight hours when using magnetic sweepers.
Flat […]

Magnetic Sweeper Lifting Power

We are constantly asked “What is the lifting power” of a magnetic sweeper.  Our response to this is two-fold.  ”Lifting power” of a magnetic sweeper is a very misleading term.  When measuring the strength of a magnetic sweeper in a controlled environment such as in a stand on a warehouse table, the magnetic sweeper will hold […]