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Lifting Magnets Standards

Often we get questions about safety standards for our lifting magnets.  Lifting magnets have a universal standard to which they should subscribe or meet.  That standard is the ASME standard B30.20-2010 requires a minimum 2:1 safety ratio between safe working load (SWL) and test load. manufacturer’s have different standards that tend to be higher, most permanent magnetic […]

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Towable Magnet Uses

We are frequently asked what type of magnet may be best for a particular application.  When a customer is trying to decide between a towable magnet and a hanging magnet, one of the key questions we ask is “how large is the area to be swept”?  Towable magnets are ideal for cleaning large amounts of acreage and areas such […]

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Construction Magnets and Industrial Magnets

Construction magnets and industrial magnets come in a wide range of types, shapes, sizes and strengths. They are utilized across a diverse spectrum of industries for an equally diverse set of purposes. Particular uses of industrial construction magnets depend upon particular requirements.

The Magnetic Materials Producers Association (MMPA) and the Magnetic Distributors and Fabrications Associations (MDFA) set […]

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Misleading Product Information to Watch For

There is a pet peeve we have as a company and it’s when competitors, in an effort to make the buyer think they are getting a “better deal”, provide totally misleading information.  The most common tactic pertains to Tow Behind Magnetic Sweepers.  Tow Behind Magnetic Sweepers are available in a variety of sizes however it is […]

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Conveyor Magnets in Demand by Environmental Service Companies

Companies specializing in the handling of various types of dry cargo, including bulk, break-bulk, and containers such as forest products, metals, dry bulk, fruit, grain and bagged cargoes are now using conveyor magnets to purify all shipments before sending product to final customer.  The conveyor magnets purify and clear all ferrous metal contaminants from the dry cargo […]

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Magnetic Sweeper Production in The United States

With the increase in imported products flooding the United States, one product which has retained it’s leadership strength as a U.S. made item is the magnetic sweeper.

There are numerous Asian firms producing the magnetic sweeper however the quality is so sub-par that the consumer is now realizing it’s simply not worth the modest price difference […]

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