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Differences between MKS 4000 and MKS 5000 Tow Behind Magnetic Sweepers

We receive calls daily from folks asking that the difference is between our MKS 4000- Tow Behind Magnetic Sweeper and our MKS 5000 Tow Behind Magnetic Sweeper.  The primary difference is that the MKS 4000 Tow Behind Magnet is made to be used on smooth surfaces such as airfields, runways and large, smooth, open spaces.  The […]

What will Underwater Retrieving Magnets REALLY pick up?

We get a lot of phone calls from folks asking “will your Underwater Retrieving Magnet pick up brass?” People also ask if the Underwater Magnet will pick up keys or military ordinance.

The short answer is this: When ferrous metal objects are submersed in water, they actually are easier to pick up, per pound, than when they […]

What is the Purpose of the Magnetic Sweeper with Wheels

The Magnetic Sweeper with wheels, specifically the Type ALT with Shock Protection Wheels,  was designed with one goal in mind, “protection”.  The sweeper is designed for suspension mounting however periodically, service vehicles go over speed bumps, low lying pipes and uneven terrain.  This is where the shock wheels are handy.  Instead of having the magnetic sweeper absorb […]

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Clarifying the 3x Safety Rating on Lifting Magnets

Shields’ lifting magnets carry the highest safety ratings in the industry. With a 3x safety rating, the lifting magnets meet and exceed capacity thresholds. In layman’s terms, lifting magnets have maximum rated capacities, all different depending on the size of the magnet. If a magnet has a 660 pound capacity on flat steel and has a 3x […]