Underwater Retrieving MagnetWe get frequent calls from law enforcement authorities around the country wondering if magnets will aid in finding guns underwater.  While this may seem like a strange question, the reality is that criminals dispose of guns in lakes, rivers and streams more than anywhere else.   Underwater magnets are one of the most effective ways of finding weaponry, bringing it to the surface and enabling the weapon to be matched to the offender.   These magnets are super powerful,  smaller, compact magnets with lifting eyebolts and corrosion resistant coatings.  Law enforcement will attached a rope to the magnet, drop the magnet overboard and “comb” the floor of the body of water.  The strength of an underwater magnet is intensified by the buoyancy of the object/weapon being retrieved.

Objects in water tend to be lighter in water than on land thus making them more easily attracted to the magnet.   We have received numerous “thank you’s” and testimonials from various law enforcement agencies on the effectiveness of underwater magnets.   It’s just one more way to keep the bad guy from winning.

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