Towable Magnet Uses

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Towable Magnet Uses

We are frequently asked what type of magnet may be best for a particular application.  When a customer is trying to decide between a towable magnet and a hanging magnet, one of the key questions we ask is “how large is the area to be swept”?  Towable magnets are ideal for cleaning large amounts of acreage and areas such as equestrian facilities and farms.  Towable magnets are also ideal for athletic fields, raceways and public event facilities such as fairgrounds.  

A towable magnet also can be a good choice if there is insufficient room to mount a hanging magnet on the service vehicle. Towable magnets do not interfere with the operation of a service vehicle and require nothing other than a ball hitch to install.  Shields Company manufacturers several types of towable magnets all of which are highly effective and suited for a specific purpose.

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