Magnetic Sweeper with WheelsThe Magnetic Sweeper with wheels, specifically the Type ALT with Shock Protection Wheels,  was designed with one goal in mind, “protection”.  The sweeper is designed for suspension mounting however periodically, service vehicles go over speed bumps, low lying pipes and uneven terrain.  This is where the shock wheels are handy.  Instead of having the magnetic sweeper absorb the impact, the shock wheels (which are fixed-mounted) absorb the impact and “roll” the sweeper over the obstruction.

Since most magnetic sweepers are suspended by chain, the chain will “give” and allow the magnetic sweeper to safely and harmlessly clear the obstruction.   All Shields Magnetic Sweepers are constructed of 6063 T-5 Aircraft Grade Aluminum however repeated contact with stationary objects will ultimately take a toll.  Thus,  shock wheels.

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