When it Comes to Forklift Magnets, There’s No Comparison

When it comes to size, functional lifting weight, and construction, nothing beats our “Enforcer” Forklift Magnet. It truly is the strongest forklift magnet available. Nothing offers the lifting power of the Enforcer.

We developed the Enforcer to solve the problem of removing both bulk metal trash and large amounts of small ferrous metal trash.  This magnet is ideally suited to industrial situations where the terrain is uneven/gravel/dirt and the jobsite is loaded with scrap metal, banding, wire, nails, plate steel etc.

The forks slip easily through the 9″ fork pockets and industrial-grade wing-nut clamps down quickly and securely, keeping the magnet in position. Our fork pockets are standard, competitors offer them as an option.

Our unique Auto Release feature key to easy debris removal. This makes cleaning the magnet safe, fast, and easy, unlike competing products which must be cleaned by hand.

It’s safe to say the Enforcer is in a league of it’s own. But don’t take our word for it, check out the specs below:

Sweeper Dimensions72” L x 5.5” W x 7” H72″ L x 4.5″ W x 7″ H
Fork Pocket Width9” I.D.Optional
Cleaning FeatureAuto-Release HandleWipe Clean with Glove
Functional Lifting Weight250 Lbs. Max120 Lbs. Max
Housing Construction6063 SEAMLESS AIRCRAFT GRADE ALUMINUMWelded Aluminum 1/8″ Walls
Made in the USA?Yesno
Suspension Height/Speed6″ Max Up to 8 MPH6″ Max
Sweeper Weight180 Lbs.175 Lbs.
Shipping Weight 230 Lbs.182 Lbs


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