Shields Magnetic SweeperThere is a pet peeve we have as a company and it’s when competitors, in an effort to make the buyer think they are getting a “better deal”, provide totally misleading information.  The most common tactic pertains to Tow Behind Magnetic Sweepers.  Tow Behind Magnetic Sweepers are available in a variety of sizes however it is important to differentiate between overall width and sweeping width.  Our Tow Behind Magnetic Sweepers advertised dimensions show the actual sweeping width.  So, in other words, if the customer is looking for a 96″ Tow Behind Magnetic Sweeper, they are getting a price for 96″ of sweeping width.  Overall dimensions will actually be larger.

Several companies will advertise their tow behind magnetic sweeper as a 60″ or 72″ or whatever width however the reality is that is an overall width, not a sweeping width for the tow behind magnet.  The actual sweeping width will be substantially less.  This is important to note because the price being paid may seem to be comparable or in some cases less, but the reality is that the tow behind magnet will be significantly smaller than anticipated and not be as effective.   So, in sum, if shopping for a tow behind magnetic sweeper, be sure the sizes being quoted are actual sweeping widths.

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