While magnetic sweepers are constructed of 6063T5 Aluminum Extrusions, the lightest, strongest grade of Aluminum Extrusion available for the purpose, there are times when we are asked if these housings can be replaced rather than purchasing a new magnetic sweeper.

While suggested suspension height for the magnets is approximately four (4) inches, at times these units are suspended either too low or periodically come in contact with speed bumps, exposed upright pipe, particularly around airport ramps and tarmacs. Over the years, repeated contact in these situations will result in abrasion to the aluminum housing to the point of wearing it down.

When this is the case, it is possible to replace the housing of the magnetic sweeper however it is not as simple as it sounds. The internal magnet assembly is oriented for maximum effectiveness before being installed inside the extrusion. There are a series of magnet blocks inside the housing and these magnets are positioned in a North/South pole direction so as to attain maximum magnetic field. If, during the course of replacing the housing, the magnets are re-positioned sequence other than that of the factory product, it will result in a noticeably diminished effectiveness when re-assembled.

Should any user attempt to replace the housing on the magnetic sweeper, it is of the utmost importance that close attention is paid to the removal/re-installation of the internal magnetic blocks. For further information or instruction, it is best to contact the manufacturer directly.

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