Often we get questions about safety standards for our lifting magnets.  Lifting magnets have a universal standard to which they should subscribe or meet.  That standard is the ASME standard B30.20-2010 requires a minimum 2:1 safety ratio between safe working load (SWL) and test load. manufacturer’s have different standards that tend to be higher, most permanent magnetic lifter producers work to 3:1

Shields lifting magnets meet and exceed the 3:1 safety rating as prescribed by ASME.  Our lifting magnets are designed to be used on a variety of surface, rough, smooth, waffle grid etc… thus the 3:1 safety rating becomes even more important.  Irregular shapes and varying thickness has an impact on the performance of a lifting magnet.  Lifting magnets are made to also lift round steel as well as oblong object.   When choosing lifting magnets, it’s best to describe your application in detail to the specialist.

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