Computers. Laptops. Mobile devices. Printers. Our eletronics have seemingly short lifespans, and as these devices become more entrenched in our everyday lifes, piles of dead technology are growing. But, most of the materials in our electronic devices still have value once they go kaput.

By 2016, an 93.5 million tons of e-waste valued at more than $20 billion is expected. To get the most value out of old devices, these recycling centers rely on industrial magnets to separate ferrous metals from the other materials such as plastic, and copper.

Recently Gizmodo published a fantastic video about Hugo Neu Recycling. Once the largest recycler of scrap metal in the country, they have decided to focus on e-waste. Products like our magnetic head pulleys, and stationary separators play large roles in e-waste recycling facilities such as this.

Watch the video:

This new industry is a win-win. Old devices are brought back to life as other products, new jobs are created, and fewer material ends up in landfills.

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