Magnet Sweepers at a Construction SiteConstruction magnets is an all-encompassing term which, as it relates to industrial magnets, generally refers to products used for assistance in cleaning up construction sites of ferrous metal debris. Magnets which fit this category include magnetic brooms, magnetic sweepers and tow behind magnets. Most commonly used around construction sites would be the magnetic broom. These are highly portable, easy to use, push-style magnets which operate as it sounds, by being pushed around the job site.

Most construction magnets, or magnetic brooms, come in a variety of sizes and generally are equipped with load release features. While there are many imported products available, it is best to buy the US made versions, most importantly because the imported magnetic brooms and construction magnets are usually made with weaker, Grade 5 magnets which don’t have nearly the pulling strength of the Grade 8 magnets.

Always be sure to ask the vendor which grade of magnet is being used. It is not possible to tell just by looking at the construction magnet since the magnet is on the inside. Quite commonly imported magnets can look identical to their domestic counterparts, but if a side-by-side comparison is done, the difference is then noticed.

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