Note: Article is from the York News-Times in York, Nebraska

YORK – Metal objects lying on the roadway happen.

And so do flat tires when motorists run over those objects.

Maybe by putting large magnets on the back of roader graders, the county can help alleviate more flat tires and other problems in the future.

The theory is that metal garbage lying on the gravel roads would connect themselves to the magnets and workers would remove those items back at the shop – thereby cleaning up debris as they do their regular jobs.
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Well, it’s not a theory. It’s a fact! Our magnetic sweepers use grade-8 permanent magnets — the strongest available. Our magnets are used by road maintenance crews across the United States, and have collected several tons of metal debris over the years. The time and cost savings offered by a single sweeper is astounding! If your municipality is considering adding sweepers to your maintenance fleet, give us a call!


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