Type ALT Magnetic SweeperThese days, it’s hard to do an internet search for magnetic sweeper and not be overwhelmed by the choices. Ironically, it’s a lot easier than people realize to find the right magnetic sweeper. While there are plenty of companies, both paid and unpaid search, offering magnetic sweepers, only about 2% of the magnetic sweepers are: A) Made in the U.S. and B) Being sold by a manufacturer.

Shields Magnetics is the original U.S. manufacturer of magnetic sweepers. We have been making magnetic sweepers longer than any other company in the business, we know how to do it. There are a few other companies, and by a few, literally perhaps 3 or 4, who are also U.S. makers. They have not, however, been in the business nearly as long (Shields Magnetics has been making magnetic sweepers since the 1960′s) nor do they have the technology to constantly improve and design new magnetic sweeper products. It’s a lot easier to copy existing products than it is to create new ones!

Ultimately, this is something that was realized in China and Taiwan years ago. It’s very easy to attempt to make a magnetic sweeper which appears similar when it reality it is terribly different (and terribly made). Over 95% of the magnetic sweepers offered on the internet originate overseas. These magnetic sweepers are sold by large, brand name retailers and many industrial equipment supply companies.

When a consumer/business purchases an imported magnetic sweeper, they are getting an item which is of far inferior build quality, using a soft. easily damaged low grade aluminum housing as well as Grade 5 magnets, the weakest, cheapest permanent magnets available. The hardware used in construction is also both sub-standard and unsafe. Generally the suspension hardware used on the imported items is not forged steel and will easily bend and break in a short period of time.

It’s possible to find inexpensive magnetic sweepers on the internet. But the old adage “buyer beware” is really true. The cheap (inexpensive) magnetic sweepers will not hold up, will tarnish the reputation of the supplier and end up costing 2x as much to replace when all is said and done. Shields Magnetics has customers both large and small who initially purchase an imported magnetic sweeper only to come to us and say “We made a mistake”. Ultimately, in the case of magnetic sweepers, it pays to “Buy American”.

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