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The Great Irony: Big Box Stores Use American Magnetic Sweepers but Sell Imported Version

Magnetic Sweepers are used in many, many industries for a multitude of purposes. One of the more interesting uses is in the distribution facilities of the nations’ big box stores.   Aside from visiting their local big box store for discounted, cheap goods, most people don’t think about the process of getting the items to the […]

Magnetic Sweeper Usage vs. Equipment/Engine Incidents

US Air Force FOD Improvements

As seen on the chart , using data compiled by the United States Air Force, incidents from “FOD” or “Foreign Object Debris” inversely decline nearly 1000% when using magnetic sweepers along flightlines and aircraft traffic areas. This chart shows the ratio of FOD incidents per 100k flight hours when using magnetic sweepers.
Flat […]

Magnetic Sweeper Lifting Power

We are constantly asked “What is the lifting power” of a magnetic sweeper.  Our response to this is two-fold.  ”Lifting power” of a magnetic sweeper is a very misleading term.  When measuring the strength of a magnetic sweeper in a controlled environment such as in a stand on a warehouse table, the magnetic sweeper will hold […]

Unusual and Unknown Uses for Industrial Magnets in the Food Industry

It never fails to amaze us at the broad spectrum of customers coming to us for magnets.   Just when we think we’ve run out of new industries to cater to,  we get another call for a use which probably no person other than the guy on the other end, would be familiar.  We all know […]

Shields Magnetic Sweepers Chosen by Toyota Lift

Toyota Lift Truck has chosen to use Shields Company’s Type ALT Magnetic Sweepers with Grab Handles on the Toyota line of fork lift trucks.  Shields originally designed this option on it’s magnetic sweepers for Toyota and it’s made the job of cleaning off the magnetic sweeper much easier.  Shields Type ALT Magnetic Sweepers with the grab handles […]

Magnetic Sweeper Production in The United States

With the increase in imported products flooding the United States, one product which has retained it’s leadership strength as a U.S. made item is the magnetic sweeper.

There are numerous Asian firms producing the magnetic sweeper however the quality is so sub-par that the consumer is now realizing it’s simply not worth the modest price difference […]

Magnetic Sweeper: With or Without Load Release?

Many times people wonder weather or not to buy a magnetic sweeper with the load release feature.  Is it really needed?  That question is really user specific.  As far as cleaning a magnetic sweeper, it’s not terribly difficult.  A magnetic sweeper without a load release feature will have approximately 1″ of “dead” space on each end.  When […]

Can a Magnetic Sweeper Ship by Air?

We get calls daily from customers asking if it’s possible to ship a magnetic sweeper by air. Many people and companies believe it is not allowable to ship a magnetic sweeper by air and this is actually not the case.  It is legal and possible to ship a magnetic sweeper via air simply by “deadening” the magnet […]

Who Actually Makes Magnetic Sweepers in the U.S?

These days, it’s hard to do an internet search for magnetic sweeper and not be overwhelmed by the choices. Ironically, it’s a lot easier than people realize to find the right magnetic sweeper. While there are plenty of companies, both paid and unpaid search, offering magnetic sweepers, only about 2% of the magnetic sweepers are: A) […]

FOD Magnets and Maintenance Costs

The damaging effect of F.O.D. (Foreign Object Debris) on maintenance costs is substantial. For example, the cost to repair a FOD-damaged engine will easily exceed one million dollars. FOD also causes extensive indirect costs including but not limited to:

Flight Delays and Cancellations, which Translates into Lost Revenue and Customers
Excess/Additional Work for Airline Management and Line […]