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Magnetic Sweeper Housing Replacement

While magnetic sweepers are constructed of 6063T5 Aluminum Extrusions, the lightest, strongest grade of Aluminum Extrusion available for the purpose, there are times when we are asked if these housings can be replaced rather than purchasing a new magnetic sweeper.

While suggested suspension height for the magnets is approximately four (4) inches, at times these […]

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Magnetic Sweeper Material Construction

Magnetic sweepers and brooms are constructed of various types of materials ranging from aluminum to steel and various alloys in between. Many of the magnetic sweepers and industrial magnets which originate overseas tend to be made with very inferior housings, mostly of either steel which is extrmely heavy and subject to corrosion as well as […]

In Layman’s Terms: Permanent Vs. Rare Earth Magnets

A lot of confusion arises from buyers of magnetic sweepers and industrial magnetic products regarding the difference between “Rare Earth” and “Permanent” magnets. Technically, Rare-earth magnets are permanent magnets. The primary difference being that rare-earth magnets are made from alloys of rare earth elements while other permanent magnets are ferrite or alnico.

When manufacturing permanent […]

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