Magnetic Brooms with Wheels

Wheeled magnetic brooms are the most versatile solutions in our product line-up. Snap up leftover nails, tin scraps, screws, etc from virtually any surface indoors or outdoors.  These products are ideal for roofers, construction crews, facilities maintenance, anywhere else metal debris is found. Explore our products below to find the right tool for your job or worksite.

Every Magnetic Sweeper Carries a Lifetime Guarantee on Strength

Utilizing state-of-the-art technology and the most advanced materials available, Shields magnetic sweepers are innovative, functional, and effective.  Our entire line of sweepers carries a lifetime guarantee on strength and a full product performance guarantee. All of our industrial magnets originate in the USA.

Need a magnet with wheels that you can use as a push broom or mount on a forklift?

The Terminator Dual Purpose Magnetic Sweeper

The Terminator is a multi-surface workhorse that can be used anywhere. This 48″ wide magnet picks up a tremendous amount of metal debris that is easily removed with the push of a lever. This is one of our most popular products!

Multi-Surface Magnetic Broom

Available in 24″, 30″, 36″ & 48″ lengths, our  US Made Multi-Surface Magnetic Broom has 7″ wheels and a removable handle for easy storage. This magnetic broom snaps up metal debris from concrete, grass, gravel and other terrain quickly and easily. It’s the ideal product for residential roofers, shot-blasting facilities, construction crews, facilities maintenance, and equine facilities!

EZ Clean Load Release Magnetic Broom

Our 24″ EZ Clean Broom Magnet is designed for relatively smooth surfaces such as concrete, hard-packed dirt and pavement. Clean-up is a breeze. Pull the top-mounted release handle and accumulated metal drops – no bending or lifting required.

Magnets – Magnetic Broom - Econo-Mag Magnetic Sweeper

Econo-Mag Magnetic Broom

The Econo-Mag is our most feature-packed magnetic broom. Capable of holding a 50-lb. steel plate, this hard-working magnet is perfect for use on driveways, job sites and warehouse floors. Its removable handle makes for easy transport and storage.

Compare Magnetic Broom Models

Product Economag Multi-Surface Magnet EZ Clean Terminator Dual Purpose Magnet
Max Lifting Height 2″ 3″ Adjustable 2″ 4″
Sweeper Weight 10 lbs 28-40 lbs 38 lbs 55 lbs
Sweeper Widths 24″ 24″, 30″, 36, 48″ 24″ 48″
Cleaning Method Manua Top Mounted Release Lever Release Top Mounted Release
Best Uses Driveways/Floors Gravel/Yards/Floors Warehouse/Docks All-In/Out
Terrain Smooth Any Surface Smooth/Uneven Any Surface
Price $69  $199-$299 $230 $545
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All Units Made in the U.S.A.
A Claim Competitors Cannot Make

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long do magnetic brooms last?
    A. There is a lifetime guarantee on magnetic strength

  • Will a magnetic broom pick up shot blast beads?
    A. Yes, assuming they are steel beads
  • How do I know which model to purchase?
    A. Have a quick look at our comparison chart for model features.
  • Can you use a magnetic broom on any surface?
    A. We have specific models for certain surfaces, please see the comparison chart for features
  • Will a magnetic broom pick up brass shell casings?
    A. No
  • Do the magnetic brooms have a release feature?
    A. Yes, we offer two models with release features. The EZ Clean Magnetic Broom and the Multi-Surface Magnetic Broom
  • Do the magnetic brooms need maintenance?
    A. No, they require no maintenance
  • Do they work in grass?
    A. Yes, we have a model — the Multi-Surface Magnetic Broom — which works well in grass.