Forklift Magnetic Sweepers Eliminate Damaging Ferrous Metal Trash

Forklift Magnetic Sweepers are the most effective means available of picking up nails, metal banding, rebar, steel scrap and random steel trash.

Construction sites, steel fabrication facilities, pallet yards, lumber yards and distribution centers all save both money and downtime by using forklift magnets.

We have a forklift magnet for applications ranging from light duty to “extreme” .

The cost of one tire alone can pay for the installation of a forklift magnet.  Save both downtime and potential injury to personnel.

Forklift Mounting Options


Fork Pockets

Fork Mount

Forklift Magnetic Sweeper Models

The Enforcer

The Enforcer is the strongest type of forklift magnet available on the market for extreme industrial applications.

  • Forks slip into 9” wide fork “pockets” for quick and easy mounting
  • Quick and Easy Debris removal with “quick drop” handles
  • Available in 72” and 96” Lengths

Load Release All Terrain Magnetic Sweeper

All Terrain Load Release Magnetic Sweeper is made for gravel, dirt, broken concrete and rough surfaces

  • 7” Fork Pockets on 30” Centers.  Unit may also be mounted via chain using the forged steel eyebolts
  • Quick and Easy Cleaning simply by pulling up on the top mounted release bar

Type Alt Magnetic Sweeper with Fork Pockets

This forklift magnetic sweeper is chosen by more companies over any other competing brand. It’s the original forklift magnet that started the industry.

  • Simple and easy to install and use.  Works on all surfaces
  • Economical and effective

Type A.R. Auto Release Forklift Magnet

  • Made for use on smooth surfaces
  • Quick and easy release: Simply by releasing the bottom mounted release plate
  • Attaches using either 7” fork pockets or suspending via forged steel eyebolts

Compare Our Forklift Magnets

Product Enforcer Load Release Alt w/Fork Pockets A.R. Auto Release
Max Lifting Height 6″ 4-5″ 4″ 4″
Sweeper Weight 250 / 325 lbs 45-85 lbs 32-70 lbs 35-75 lbs
Sweeper Widths 72″/96″ 36-84″ 24-96″ 24-84″
Cleaning Method Drop handle levers Top mounted release bar Manually cleaned Bottom mounted release plate
Terrain Any Any Pavement, dirt, broken concrete Smooth, even pavement
Price Range $1,195/$1,495 $395-$935 $180-$610 $250-$635
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Made in the U.S.A.