We offer a full line of industrial magnetic sweepers for every application. Whether you need to remove nails or scrap metal from parking lots and roadways, or you want to reclaim usable nails, screws and other metal components from a warehouse floor, we have magnetic sweepers to meet your needs. Shields Magnetics manufactures all of our industrial magnets in the U.S. and uses only Grade 8 magnets that never wear out or incur operating costs.

Need a magnetic sweeper that can be mounted on a vehicle or forklift?

Our Type ALT heavy duty magnetic sweeper is the first model of magnetic sweeper ever produced and continues to be the industry standard. The Type ALT magnetic sweeper helps to reduce maintenance costs and eliminate flat tires by more than 70 percent at airport terminals, loading docks and industrial work sites. They also eliminate dangerous ferrous metal debris while service your vehicles perform daily duties.

Need something even more powerful to pick up heavy debris?

Our Enforcer Forklift Magnet is the most powerful forklift magnet available on the market. With more than 200 lbs. per foot of lifting power, this magnetic sweeper removes massive amounts of nails, screws, bolts, tin, and other damaging debris from worksites.

Need a magnetic sweeper than can convert to a forklift-mounted sweeper?

Look no further than the dual-purpose Terminator, our heavy-duty magnetic push sweeper can convert easily to a forklift-mounted sweeper so you can handle any clean-ups of any size. Perfect for businesses that need to quickly remove debris from almost any type of surface, including grass, gravel or broken concrete, but that also need a solution for larger material containment problems, such as parking lots or airfields.

Those are but a few of the industrial magnetic solutions Shields Magnetics offers. Every one of our heavy duty magnetic sweepers includes grab handles and impact wheels, and many include suspension chains or other mounting equipment for conversion into vehicle-mounted magnetic sweepers. Click on any of the American Made products below to get more information about pricing, applications and specifications. If you need any assistance choosing the right product for your industry, give us a call toll-free at (800) 799-4408.