Magnets for Shipping Terminals

Improve Safety. Reduce Downtime. Prevent Damage to Equipment.

Contemporary port and harbor operations demonstrate a classic case of risk and reward. To reap the commercial benefits, ports aim for a higher volume of shipping with far more vessel movement than a decade ago.  The volume of port traffic has grown substantially while space available on docks and within the infrastructure has not increased.  More containers + More volume + More movement = More potential for injury and accident.

How to Reduce Injury and Accident Risk at Ports

While shipping terminals will always have collisions and other contact accidents; the majority of safety issues at ports occur dockside during loading and unloading of containers.  These accidents are not always preventable, but they can be mitigated with training and improved safety equipment. Effective port safety involves sustainability, reduced company costs and is required by international law to be maintained in full conformity with ISO standards.  Effective port safety means providing a safe environment for employees, contractors and visitors at every site.

Ports worldwide realize that magnetic sweepers and industrial magnetic safety equipment play a vital role in reducing port accidents and keeping personnel safe while reducing machinery damage and downtime.

Some of our more popular items used by ports and shipping terminals include include the larger magnetic sweepers, the Tow Behind Magnetic Sweepers and the Lifting Magnets.  Each plays an integral part in keeping the ports safer and free of any potentially harmful ferrous metal.

Cross-Belt Magnets Overhead Magnetic Separator for Conveyor Belts


This professional grade towable magnetic road sweeper is constructed with the highest commercial grade Grade 8 Permanent Magnets to remove the maximum amount of ferrous metal debris.



Originally made for the U.S. Military, the MKS 5000 Tow Behind Sweeper was put into commercial production after repeated requests by private companies and contractors No other tow behind magnet in the world is as durable, strong and well designed as the MKS 5000.

Lifting Magnets

PLM Lifting Magnets

Our lifting magnets are rated for loads up to 4,000 pounds and feature a 3x Safety Rating for maximum safety. Improve the safety and efficiency of loading and unloading heavy cargo at your facility.