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Boating Magnets Perfect for Retrieving Lost Keys Underwater!

Shields Company’s Underwater Retrieving Magnets are the ideal tool for quickly and effectively finding and retrieving keys, rings and weapons which end up overboard.  The compact Underwater Retrieving Magnet can easily be tossed overboard and pulled along the depths of the lake or river to find lost items.  Also knows as boating magnets, the Underwater Retrieving Magnet […]

Underwater Magnets Aid Law Enforcement

We get frequent calls from law enforcement authorities around the country wondering if magnets will aid in finding guns underwater.  While this may seem like a strange question, the reality is that criminals dispose of guns in lakes, rivers and streams more than anywhere else.   Underwater magnets are one of the most effective ways of finding […]

What will Underwater Retrieving Magnets REALLY pick up?

We get a lot of phone calls from folks asking “will your Underwater Retrieving Magnet pick up brass?” People also ask if the Underwater Magnet will pick up keys or military ordinance.

The short answer is this: When ferrous metal objects are submersed in water, they actually are easier to pick up, per pound, than when they […]