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Misleading Product Information to Watch For

There is a pet peeve we have as a company and it’s when competitors, in an effort to make the buyer think they are getting a “better deal”, provide totally misleading information.  The most common tactic pertains to Tow Behind Magnetic Sweepers.  Tow Behind Magnetic Sweepers are available in a variety of sizes however it is […]

Tow Behind Magnetic Sweepers Ideal for Landfill & Aggregate Processing Facilities

American made Shields Tow Behind Magnetic Sweepers are the ideal product for use in landfills, aggregate processing facilities and waste management areas.  The extreme conditions of landfill environments makes the MKS 5000 Tow Behind Magnetic Sweeper the ideal choice.  With no exposed parts to damage and a state-of-the art load release system.  This    tow behind magnetic […]

Differences between MKS 4000 and MKS 5000 Tow Behind Magnetic Sweepers

We receive calls daily from folks asking that the difference is between our MKS 4000- Tow Behind Magnetic Sweeper and our MKS 5000 Tow Behind Magnetic Sweeper.  The primary difference is that the MKS 4000 Tow Behind Magnet is made to be used on smooth surfaces such as airfields, runways and large, smooth, open spaces.  The […]

Tow Behind Magnetic Sweepers

MKS4000 tow-behind magnetic sweepers feature a super-strength tow magnet ideal for sweeping roads, parking lots, driveways, airport runways, flightlines, etc. These are U.S. Made tow behind magnetic sweepers, not Canadian or overseas.

Shields sweepers are made to last, constructed from top-grade materials, and the strongest magnets are used to ensure our tow-behind magnets remove the maximum amount of ferrous […]

Tow Behind Magnetic Sweepers and Mil-Specs

There are many different types of Tow Behind Magnetic Sweepers on the market however very few of them comply with United States Military “MIL-Specs” (informally) or “Military Specifications”. “MIL-Specs” are a military standard in use to help achieve standardiaztion objectives as established by the U.S. Department of Defense. These standards ensure products meet certain requirements, […]

In Layman’s Terms: Permanent Vs. Rare Earth Magnets

A lot of confusion arises from buyers of magnetic sweepers and industrial magnetic products regarding the difference between “Rare Earth” and “Permanent” magnets. Technically, Rare-earth magnets are permanent magnets. The primary difference being that rare-earth magnets are made from alloys of rare earth elements while other permanent magnets are ferrite or alnico.

When manufacturing permanent […]