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Construction Magnets and Industrial Magnets

Construction magnets and industrial magnets come in a wide range of types, shapes, sizes and strengths. They are utilized across a diverse spectrum of industries for an equally diverse set of purposes. Particular uses of industrial construction magnets depend upon particular requirements.

The Magnetic Materials Producers Association (MMPA) and the Magnetic Distributors and Fabrications Associations (MDFA) set […]

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Industrial Magnets

Industrial magnets come in many forms.   Fifty years ago, the most widely used material to construct industrial magnets was ferrite.  The problem with ferrite is that it is very brittle and shatters easily.  Engineers subsequently began using a combination of aluminum and nickel.  Most recently, rare earth magnets have become quite popular and common for […]

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Construction Magnets

Construction magnets is an all-encompassing term which, as it relates to industrial magnets, generally refers to products used for assistance in cleaning up construction sites of ferrous metal debris. Magnets which fit this category include magnetic brooms, magnetic sweepers and tow behind magnets. Most commonly used around construction sites would be the magnetic broom. These are […]

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