Type ALT Magnetic Sweeper

Vehicle Mounted Magnetic Sweeper Snaps Up Damaging Ferrous Metal

Type ALT Magnetic Sweeper

The magnetic sweeper that started it all and is chosen by more companies over any other brand!
Fact: Magnetic Sweepers reduce maintenance costs and eliminate flat tires by over 70% at airport terminals, loading docks and work sites. Magnetic sweepers eliminate dangerous ferrous metal debris while service vehicles perform daily duties.  You can learn more by reviewing improvements in US Air Force FOD incidents using Shields’ FOD Magnets. See our Market Data to learn more.   ALL UNITS COME EQUIPPED WITH SUSPENSION CHAIN FOR MOUNTING!

Available Lengths:  24″, 36″, 48″, 60″, 72″ 84″, 96″. (Custom Lengths Available upon Request)

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ALT Magnetic Sweepers?

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Vehicle Mounted Magnetic Sweeper Snaps Up Damaging Ferrous Metal

  • Improvements in US Air Force FOD incidents due to use of magnetic sweepers.Magnetic Sweepers carry a lifetime guarantee on magnetic strength.
  • Magnetic Sweeper Ideal for preventive maintenance of yard vehicles & service equipment.
  • Hanging magnetic sweeper gathers FOD while you drive around your work area!
  • The Type ALT Magnetic Sweeper mounts quickly to all vehicles via the attached eyebolts.
  • Highest strength permanent magnetic construction encased in aircraft-grade 2″ x 5″ sealed aluminum extrusion
  • We use only Grade 8 permanent magnets in our Type ALT Magnetic Sweepers, the strongest available, not the inferior Grade 5
  • Bottom-Mounted Wear-Bars for Maximum Magnetic Sweeper Protection
  • Double-Strength sweeper units available (see the Type ALT Specifications below for details)
  • All-Weather Rugged Design
  • Government Teaming Arrangement  through GSA Schedule 51V, Contract # GS-06F-0046N
  • Unconditional Performance Guarantee
  • Lifetime Guarantee on Magnetic Strength
  • Mounting hardware included!

Chart at Upper Right shows F.O.D. incidents or “Foreign Object Debris” incidents in U.S. Air Force

OPTIONS AVAILABLE (See Pictures Above):

“Quick Clamp” Fork Pockets for Fork Mounting

Grab Handles” for Easy Magnet Cleaning

Government: Magnetic Sweepers Available Under GSA Schedule 51V, Contract number GS-06F-0046N

Type ALT Magnetic Sweeper in action

Magnetic Sweeper Product Applications

Magnetic Sweeper hanging from bumper at airport

Type ALT Magnetic Sweeper Specifications

Unit TypeModel-SizeDimensionsWeight
(in lbs.)
Lead TimeSuspension


ALT 24″2″H x 5″W x 24″L28STOCK-1DAY3″ – 4″15 MPH
ALT 36″2″H x 5″W x 36″L32
ALT 48″2″H x 5″W x 48″L40
ALT 60″2″H x 5″W x 60″L49
ALT 72″2″H x 5″W x 72″L65
ALT 84″2″H x 5″W x 84″L78
ALT 96″2″H x 5″W x 96″L90

Double-Strength Units

ALT 24″3″H x 5″W x 24″L45STOCK-1DAY4″ – 6″15 MPH
ALT 36″3″H x 5″W x 36″L57
ALT 48″3″H x 5″W x 48″L65
ALT 60″3″H x 5″W x 60″L75

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