Load-Release All-Terrain Magnetic Sweeper

The Most Durable, Innovative Magnetic Sweepers on the Market!

Designed for use on uneven, rough terrain, the Load Release All-Terrain Magnetic Sweeper is ideal for use on gravel, dirt, broken concrete and unconventional surfaces. Inside each magnetic sweeper are powerful ceramic magnets, which are protected by an aircraft-grade aluminum housing. Simply hang magnet from your vehicle or forklift and sweep your work area clean of tire-damaging metal debris!  Don’t be misled by cheap imports which look similar (and may cost less).  We use only Grade 8 Permanent Magnets, not the inferior and weaker Grade 5 found in the imports.  All Units Come Equipped with Suspension Chain !



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Vehicle Mounted Magnetic Sweeper Designed for Any Terrain

  • Load Release Magnetic Sweeper Constructed of heavy-gauge steel and aluminum
  • This unit is universal and can be used on ANY surface, regardless of how rough or uneven!
  • Absolutely no exposed hinges or parts to damage!
  • Release feature activated by top-mounted release bar
  • Magnetic sweeper unit comes complete — includes eyebolts and fork pockets
  • Unconditional product performance guarantee.
  • Lifetime guarantee on magnetic strength
  • Mount magnetic sweeper on any vehicle or forklift !

Your customer service rep Jen Rich did a great job getting back with me and explaining your product and the specs for the Load-Release All-Terrain Mag… SKU: RL-84, Size: rl-84. The fact that she took the time and that you are an American made product went a long way in my decision to purchase your product.

Load-Release Magnetic Sweeper Product Applications

Forklift Mounted Magnets

Product Enforcer Load Release Alt w/Fork Pockets A.R. Auto Release
Max Lifting Height 6″ 4-5″ 4″ 4″
Sweeper Weight 250 / 325 lbs 45-85 lbs 32-70 lbs 35-75 lbs
Sweeper Widths 72″/96″ 36-84″ 24-96″ 24-84″
Cleaning Method Drop handle levers Top mounted release bar Manually cleaned Bottom mounted release plate
Terrain Any Any Pavement, dirt, broken concrete Smooth, even pavement
Price Range $1,195/$1,495 $395-$935 $180-$610 $250-$635
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Load-Release All-Terrain Magnetic Sweeper Specifications
Model Size Base Area Lifting Power Mounts ctr-ctr. Ship Wt.
RL-36 4″H x 5″W x 36″L 144 sq. in. 175 lbs.* 25″ 38 lbs.
RL-48 4″H x 5″W x 48″L 192 sq. in. 250 lbs.* 30″ 48 lbs.
RL-60 4″H x 5″W x 60″L 240 sq. in. 300 lbs.* 34″ 60 lbs.
RL-72 4″H x 5″W x 72″L 288 sq. in. 350 lbs.* 34″ 72 lbs.
RL-84 4″H x 5″W x 84″L 325 sq. in. 400 lbs.* 38″ 85 lbs.
* Lifting power is measured by lifting a solid steel bar.

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Magnetic Sweeper on a forklift


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