Enforcer Tow Behind Magnetic Sweeper

Price Includes Shipping !  (Domestic Only, Canadian customers please call)


Enforcer Tow Behind

This heavy duty magnetic sweeper contains a triple stack of magnetic blocks for extra lifting power. The unit is constructed with a heavy gauge steel frame and stainless-steel base. The internal magnets are housed in an attractive blue aluminum tube. This high-powered magnet cleans up large areas quickly. Great for smooth surfaces and gravel areas including: driveways, parking lots and large lawns. Constructed of heavy gauge steel and aluminum.

Product Features

  • Contains 2.6″ thick Grade 8 permanent magnets for maximum lifting power. These magnets do not wear out and cost nothing to maintain and operate.
  • Quick release system dumps load in seconds.
  • Mounts to almost any vehicle – from 4-wheelers to pickup trucks.
  • One year warranty!
  • Large base holds up to 1,000 average sized nails.
  • Flat free tires with grease fittings
  • Adjustable hitch height for variety of vehicles.

Type ALT Magnetic Sweeper Specifications

Model Magnet Width Overall Width Surface Area Lifting Power Unit Weight Price Shipping Weight
EN-TB72 72 inches 86 inches 432 sq. inches 700 lbs** 285 lbs $2995.00* 450 lbs

* Price includes shipping !
**Lifting power is measured on a solid steel bar covering the entire magnet surface. Total area of stainless base is 710 sq. inches.


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