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Helping America’s #1 Snack Nut Make It To Market

Peanuts aren’t just delicious, they also contribute more than $4 billion to the U.S. economy annually. But did you know, industrial magnets play a vital role in the production of America’s #1 snack nut.

It takes about 540 peanuts to make a jar of peanut butter. But before the nuts can be ground up and jarred, […]

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When it Comes to Forklift Magnets, There’s No Comparison

When it comes to size, functional lifting weight, and construction, nothing beats our “Enforcer” Forklift Magnet. It truly is the strongest forklift magnet available. Nothing offers the lifting power of the Enforcer.

We developed the Enforcer to solve the problem of removing both bulk metal trash and large amounts of small ferrous metal trash.  This magnet […]

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Fast Facts About Scrap Recycling

Scrap is more than just metal. It’s a term used to describe all those recyclable materials that are left over from manufacturing and consumption. It’s metal, plastic, paper, glass, electronics, tires and rubber, and also textiles. The challenge with scrap is that these components need to be separated from each other so they can be […]

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The Great Irony: Big Box Stores Use American Magnetic Sweepers but Sell Imported Version

Magnetic Sweepers are used in many, many industries for a multitude of purposes. One of the more interesting uses is in the distribution facilities of the nations’ big box stores.   Aside from visiting their local big box store for discounted, cheap goods, most people don’t think about the process of getting the items to the […]

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How Arizona Is Putting Rubber Back Into the Road

15 Million Recycled Tires and Counting
For more than 20 years, rubberized asphalt has been used to resurface highways and city streets throughout Arizona. This effort helps reduce traffic noise and the number of disposed tires.

And magnets help get that rubber back into the road.

In order for tires to be recycled into road surface, the tires […]

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Candlestick Park Redevelopment To Make Most of Recycled Concrete

The Niners. The Giants. The Beatles. Now the venue that once hosted a city’s most beloved sports teams and the Fab Four’s last concert is being reinvented as “The Shipyard” — a $200 million project featuring homes, offices, restaurants and the city’s first urban outlet mall.

But before any new buildings go up, crews must tear down […]

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The Air Force’s Golden Approach to FOD Prevention

It’s not exactly “Where’s Waldo”, but a similar searching game helps the US Air Force improve foreign object debris awareness.

Each month, senior aircraft maintenance personnel at participating installations place a small golden bolt along flightlines. The finder gets a prize and bragging rights for the month. And the game is having a huge impact on […]

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3 Reasons Why Concrete Recycling is a Slam Dunk

Anyone who lives in Sacramento, California is well aware of the massive demolition and transformation of the city’s downtown plaza into the impressive Entertainment and Sports Center (ESC), the new home for the NBA’s Sacramento Kings.

The arena is slated for completion in the fall of 2016. The center which takes up four city blocks is […]

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Waste Management Scores Win With Zero Waste at Phoenix Open

Belt Magnets Play Role in Company’s Sustainability Initiative
This week, the most raucous, fan-friendly event on the PGA Tour takes place in Arizona: The Waste Management Phoenix Open. Whether you’re following Tiger Woods from tee to tee or enjoying the spectacle that is the 16th hole, think about this: Zero waste is being generated at the event.

The […]

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American Monday: US Manufacturing & Engineering Jobs Are Hot in 2015

Manufacturing and engineering workers are in demand in 2015 according to staffing company Randstad US’s “Hot Jobs” report for 2015.

According to the report, electrical, mechanical and quality engineers are in demand. On the manufacturing side, forklift operators, quality control technicians and production supervisors are being sought by employers.

The increased demand for engineers and manufacturing workers reflects an improving […]

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