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Tri-Polar Circuitry Exclusive to Shields Belt Magnets

Tri-Polar© Magnetic Circuitry is a state of the art method of magnetizing a permanent magnet which all but eliminates peripheral magnetic leakage, directing the magnetic field straight down and creating a stronger magnet.  Shields belt magnets are 30% stronger than competing units of the same size, and equivalent or superior to many sizes of Electro Magnets, […]

FOD Magnets and Aircraft Carriers

Aircraft carriers and flightlines go hand-in-hand.  The safety of both on-deck personnel and the pilots is of paramount importance and one of the key methods of debris clean-up on a flightline is with FOD Magnets and  Magnetic Brooms.

When a jet engine is idling, it is sucking in over 23,000 lbs of inbound “thrust”.  One small stray […]

Unusual and Unknown Uses for Industrial Magnets in the Food Industry

It never fails to amaze us at the broad spectrum of customers coming to us for magnets.   Just when we think we’ve run out of new industries to cater to,  we get another call for a use which probably no person other than the guy on the other end, would be familiar.  We all know […]

Shields Magnetic Sweepers Chosen by Toyota Lift

Toyota Lift Truck has chosen to use Shields Company’s Type ALT Magnetic Sweepers with Grab Handles on the Toyota line of fork lift trucks.  Shields originally designed this option on it’s magnetic sweepers for Toyota and it’s made the job of cleaning off the magnetic sweeper much easier.  Shields Type ALT Magnetic Sweepers with the grab handles […]